Pydroid 3 Mod Apk Download v5.00 (Premium-Free, Latest Version)

Download Pydroid 3 Mod Apk

Are you looking for a Pydroid 3 Mod Apk then you are in right place? Here we have Pydroid 3 Mod App which is 100% working and original. You can download the Pydroid 3 Mod App premium from here.

What is The Pydroid 3 App?

To make portable coding possible and easy, we have the Pydroid 3 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the smallest yet powerful interpreter to help you get minimal code or small projects off your Android device. Therefore, we can call it the easiest to use and most powerful learning IDE or interpreter for Android.

Main features of APK:

  • Offline Python 3.8 interpreter: No Internet is required to run Python programs.
  • A dedicated repository for the pip package manager and ready-made wheel packages for NumPy, scipy, and matplotlib, as well as advanced scientific libraries such as sci-kit-learn and Jupiter.
  • OpenCV is now available (on devices with Camera2 API support).
  • TensorFlow and PyTorch are also available.
  • Ready-to-use examples for quick learning.
  • Full Tkinter GUI support.
  • A fully-featured terminal emulator with Readline support (available as pip).
  • Built-in C, C++, and Fortran compilers designed specifically for Pydroid 3. This allows Pydroid 3 to build any library with pip, and you can also build and install dependencies from the command line, even if it uses native code.
  • Cyton support.
  • PDB debugger with breakpoints and clock.
  • Kivy graphics library with shiny new SDL2 backend.
  • PyQt5 support is available in the matplotlib quick install repository with PyQt5 support without additional code.
  • Matplotlib Kivy support is available in the quick install repository.
  • Pygame2 support.

– You may need to uninstall this app manually before updating to this version (in case of problems).

Features Of Mod APK :

  • Released by AMRTS.
  • Premium Features Unlocked.
  • No Ads.
  • 100 % Working.

Download Pydroid 3 Mod APK

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